For the Love of Music Presents: Parlors, Miss Barnes, TheDye, Pekky Savan, Super King Armor

For the Love of Music Presents: Parlors, Miss Barnes, TheDye, Pekky Savan, Super King Armor

Sat - May 18, 2019

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

Pianos - Showroom


This event is 21 and over

Parlors - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
After years of initial demos and a number of attempted band names, Parlors took to the studio in 2018 after honing in on where they wanted their sound to go. Recorded in the heat of a New York summer, Parlors is instead apt to soundtrack the twilight hours of an autumn evening in this same city the band calls home. Melodies from both Matt Fullam (vocals, guitar) and lead guitarist Hart Mechlin dance on top of a hefty rhythm section backed by Matt’s brother Dan on drums and bassist Matt DaSilva.
Miss Barnes - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Miss Barnes
Miss Barnes is a 6 piece NYC Indie/Folk Rock Band.
TheDye - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
TheDye creates distinctive sounds of cutting edge alternative avant-garde psychedelic cinematic fantasy Rock. Our songs are a blend of unique melodies and intriguing guitar progressions paired with unpredictable rhythms and poetic lyrics.The Dye is the partnership of Bruno and Eudora who collaborated in songwriting while at the Berklee College of Music. Their art is influenced by an appreciation of music from a wide variety of genres resulting in an innovative rock style. The Dye’s live lineup also consists of bassist Paul and drummer Jared who are world class players and Berklee Alumni. We consider ourselves a part of the clan of sound explorers and artists in the quest of new images through music!
Pekky Savan - (Set time: 7:00 PM)
Pekky Savan
Super King Armor - (Set time: 6:00 PM)
Super King Armor
Super King Armor, the name of Queens, New York native, & Bi-coastal MC after relocating to Los Angeles for a brief period. Originates from unlikely sources, but they are close to home for him. "King" is his Grandmothers last name. "Armor" is his Grandfathers last name. Both on his mothers side of the family, whom he considers cornerstones, who have endured a lot and continue to keep moving forward. His name was originally conceptualized out of the desire to have a name that commanded attention & respect. It later began to have more meaning and purpose as he himself would endure both professional and personal challenges that would require a thick skin or suit of armor.
The super part of his name was actually tagged on by an organizer of a battle that took place at NYU in the early 2000's. The organizer felt it sounded more threatening, and put it on the flyer. Since then it just stuck. It also has become synonymous with the energy of his live performances.People show there true feelings, have unique responses to it, which starts some interesting conversations and allows me to engage my audience on another level." His Approach to Hip Hop can be defined as aggressive, dark, passionate, energetic, gritty, intellectual, witty, creative, uncompromising and autobiographic.
Venue Information:
Pianos - Showroom
158 Ludlow Street
New York, NY, 10002