Easy Mind Album Release (DJ Set)

Easy Mind

Pianos: Upstairs Lounge
Ages 21+

Easy Mind is a composer/producer/singer-songwriter from Beijing, China. After he studied in China Conservatory of Music, he continued at New York University and obtained a master's degree in Music. Lately, Easy Mind released his sixth album “Parkside Blvd”. The album is based on a theme of Retrofuturism, containing a modern take from the music styles of Synthwave, Funk, Disco, and Jazz Fusion—which were popular in the US and Japan during the 70s and 80s. The name “Easy Mind" is not only a pseudonym but also a message to share with listeners through his music: "A light heart always resides in an easy mind." For the album release show, apart from his new music, Easy Mind will also select some of the best work from his previous albums. Come to the lounge upstairs this Friday early evening, and take a sip with the breezy groove from Easy Mind.


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Venue Information:
Pianos: Upstairs Lounge
158 Ludlow Street
Ground Floor
New York, NY, 10002