A Showcase With Alex Henry Foster *FREE*

Alex Henry Foster *FREE*

Pianos Showroom
Ages 21+
A Showcase With Alex Henry Foster @ Pianos (12/5)

Alex Henry Foster (AHF) is a Canadian musician, singer-songwriter, author, producer, and composer, best known as the frontman of Juno Awards nominee Post-Rock / Noise band Your Favorite Enemies (YFE). On November 9, 2018, Foster released a first solo music project called Windows in the Sky, an intimate poetry essay about finding peace, faith and hope through the context of grief, depression, and distress. This album was nominated for Album of the Year in Canada following his 15 000 album sales, and numerous sold out concerts and festivals.


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Venue Information:
Pianos Showroom
158 Ludlow Street
Ground Floor
New York, NY, 10002