WHAT BLOG?! puts on a M O T H E R of a show!

The room was packed to the rim, the odor of passionate musicians filling the air. Penn Badgely stands on stage strangling the microphone and belting out the lyrics to
M O T H E R’s song “Victim.” Everyone is swaying in time with Badgely’s hips and his father stands in front of the crowd with a wide grin of pride spread across his face. In that moment, you knew it going to be a good show.

Badgely, lead singer of M O T H E R, took the
stage at Pianos Saturday night.

Saturday, March 22, 2014, a group of guys who call themselves WhatBlog?! put together a sick line-up of bands for a night of amazing music. This group of guys met from seeing each other at many different concerts each writing for their own blog (Subinve, IrockIroll, Knox Road and Battering Room). They decided to join forces to begin putting on concerts together.

The night started off with a bang as Captain Hollows let out booming vocals and whipped their hair back and forth. Following them was Ponychase with more melodic, soft rock tunes that made the crowd feel all the feels!

Jordan Caress of Ponychase moved the crowd with her powerful lyrics.

Later in the night, New Myths took the stage dressed in neon lycra and jammed out to some cool electric-rock tunes. To close the show, Beth Cameron of Forget Cassettes stood solo on the stage under moody blue-green light purring out her angry love songs.

Brit Boras, guitarist of New Myths, along with the
rest of the band, had the crowd dancing the whole time.

The highlight of the night, it seemed, was the second performance ever of Badgely’s new band M O T H E R. The best way to describe their sound would be to compare them to an electric/new wave version of Bon Iver. M O T H E R is a new endeavor for Badgely and it seems to be working for him really well.

View a photo gallery of the night here.

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