Pianos' resident DJ ANDY GALKIN profiled in THE NEW YORK TIMES...

photo by Stephan Ward
written by Danielle Pergament

Excerpt from the article “The Brothers Galkin: It Runs in the Family” from July 14, 2010.

“While the younger brothers are more showmen, one senses that Andrew, the oldest, is devoted entirely to music. He lives in a two-bedroom apartment in Chinatown, a bedroom for himself and one for his music collection.

In the mini-world of downtown music culture, Andrew is something of a cult figure, known for his 11-hour marathons, which he painstakingly puts together for days beforehand.

“Most D.J.’s bring a laptop or some albums, but Andy will spend days choosing songs and bring boxes of records,” said Billy Jones, who books the D.J.’s at Pianos.

“He never plays the same artist twice,” he said. “That’s unheard of.”

When it comes to music, the younger two still seek Andrew’s advice. “Andy was my biggest musical influence,” said Jonathan, who often goes to Pianos to scout bands. “He took me to record stores and told me what to like.”

By evening in Windsor Terrace, the three Galkins were getting ready to go back to their individual lives. They spent the evening laughing and hazing one another, and were getting a little wistful because they don’t get to see one another much.

Given their overlapping worlds, it would seem only natural that the Galkin brothers would work together. Maybe Matthew could make a documentary about LCD Soundsystem. Andrew could create the soundtrack on Matthew’s next film. Or Jonathan could organize a music festival with Andrew.

But the brothers have resisted that. “I’ve asked Jon if I can do a documentary on DFA, but he keeps saying no,” Matthew said.

“It’s premature for the company right now,” Jonathan replied.

Matthew pressed on. “DFA is totally culturally relevant,” he said. “Think about when we’re fat old men, we can think back on to this era and have it documented.”

“The era when we were skinny?” Jonathan said.

Matthew refused to drop the subject. “You have created this significant thing and it would be a shame not to get it down,” he added.

Andrew, meanwhile, sat back and kept smiling.”

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