New festival on the block: MONDO NYC

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or are a record label), the so called ‘state’ of music has remained undefinable by constantly changing. Everyday. Even right now. A lot of this is due to the fact that the relationship between technology and music has changed.

The way artists present music and the way we consume it has evolved. Licensing and streaming are dominating- exposing us all to new music and proving to be a legitimate form of distribution. Artists and fans are connecting to each other virtually and instantaneously through social media, and not just on Facebook. (Snapchat, Vine, Peroscope, Instagram- and their new ‘My Story’ feature.) And, in case you have literally stayed under that rock for your whole life, New York City is still, and always will be, the place for new artists, scenes, fans, and technology to develop.

However, music-technology events have oddly been absent from New York City this year. Or at least they moved around. (Like Propeller to New Jersey.) Conference-festival-marathons like NMS and CMJ just went MIA this year. Was this a sign that NYC isn’t the real silicon valley of music-technology? Does it mean that we’ve been tricked into living in a metropolitan area that doesn’t offer us anything more than the mere feeling of worth and sweaty subways? Of course not… Because this year there’s a new festival in town.


Mondo is an annual, multi-day business summit & music festival. By day, Mondo hosts a community of panels with industry greats- like Daniel Glass- who come together around the theme of technology & music. By night, Mondo hosts a number of events featuring break out artists at awesome venues in Brooklyn & NYC- cue Pianos!

We have a killer week ahead with Mondo. Yesterday we had Sneak Attack Media and Bandsintown kick things off with a speakeasy event, followed by a sold out night with Pledgemusic hosting in the showroom. And things keep on rolling. We have shows every day, on both floors, all week- as if we’d be doing anything else! In addition, our talent buyer is on a panel- today at 2pm. Go by and say hi! (Or just harass him!)

So, bring forth Mondo! Humongous! Important! Go to some panels. Check out some shows. And, enjoy the next big thing in NYC.

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