Ellie and Louise Macnamara beautifully harmonized on stage for a stripped-down cover of Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness,” Ellie clapping along and Louise giving acknowledging smiles back to her sister. You can tell the girls have as great of an off-stage chemistry as they do on stage.

The twin sisters make up the duo Heathers, an Alt/Indie-Pop band who formed in 2007. They put out their first record, Here Not There, in 2008. They recently released their newest album, Kingdom, April 8, 2014. When they came to Pianos, Heathers played their new songs without their usual backing band and provided an intimate vibe for people to experience their new album.

One of the songs they played that night was “Lions, Tigers, Bears.” Louise introduced the song by saying that The Wizard of Oz was the girls’ favorite childhood movie and the song was written with that in mind.

The Macnamara sisters got to experience a great deal of NYC culture while they were in town promoting their album. “Louise said there was a cupcake ATM here and I didn’t believe here,” Ellie said in between songs during their set. “Well, we ended up finding it, and Louise was right, so I had to get a cupcake!” Ellie is of course talking about the cupcake ATM on the UES called Sprinkles.

If you’re going to be in LA Thursday April 17th, you can find Heathers at The Mint and check out their album, Kingdom, here.

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