As her bleached-blonde hair whipped all over stage in front of a packed room of dancing sweaty bodies, Chantal Claret belted out her lyrics and danced the night away. She even made her way through the crowd at one point and got wild while standing on top of the bar. “I like to perform. I like to sing it and dance!” Chantal said. The rest of the night included more surprises such a Chantal taking a selfie with one of the concert goers in the front row and probably the first proposal at Pianos ever!

Chantal just recently started her solo project after having toured all over the world with Morningwood for ten years as their lead singer. Pianos was one of the places Morningwood played at frequently. They even had a few residencies. Chantal’s performance at Pianos last Thursday was only her third performance in NYC with her solo project.

To open her show, Chantal sang one of her favorite songs ‘Secret War.’

“2013 was a really fucking crazy year for everybody and I called it an emotional apocalypse for everybody,” Chantal said describing the premise behind ‘Secret War.’ “It seemed kind of nuts. There were deaths, divorces, and people going crazy. In the cycle of life where there are supposed to be good things and bad things it all just seemed to be bad last year.”

Chantal said that most of the songs she writes comes out of frustration or things she’s pissed about. “I’m not a very happy writer,” she said.

Even though Chantal has severe claustrophobia, she tries get herself into the crowd at least once during a show to test herself.

“[During my show Tuesday at Irving Plaza] some people started a mosh pit to which I was very confused by but I did not let that dissuade me from getting in the mosh pit during the song,” Chantal said.

Chantal is does a lot for her music. One of those things is creating her own merch.

“I silkscreen it in my backyard while listening to Enya,” she said. Enya is also Chantal’s idol. “She’s like a deity! I like listening to her in the hot rain. Especially in NY you know those hot summer rains, I’m telling you, put on some fucking Enya, it’s the best!”

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