Meet our newest resident: Von Sell.

Von Sell Weekly Residency at Pianos

David Von Sell was raised in Hamburg, Germany, before travelling to London and then to Boston to study music. Now, he lives in NYC and will be bringing the music he makes in his bedroom to the Pianos stage for two more weeks, as part of a four week residency this month.

Von Sell’s managers like to describe his music as “Bedroom Pop,” because its synth-ey textures matched with Von Sell’s angelic voice give his tracks a homemade and nostalgic feeling. His live setup constists of both electronic samples and live instruments that blend beautifully with the smoothness of Von Sell’s moody lyrics and bright vocals.

Von Sell, however, does not want to give his music a genre. After asking him to explain his sound, he replied, “as long as you haven’t figured out how to answer that question, you’re doing the right thing.” Von Sell wants to fluidly develop and change his sound, and he feels that if he were to put a name to it, he would be boxing himself in. He wants his audience to define his music for themselves. “Definition is reduction,” he says.

The three songs Von Sell currently has out lend themselves to electronic pop. “Ivan,” which was released a year ago, is a track layered in synths and doubled, reverb drenched vocals. His next release six months later was “I Insist,” a song with dark lyrical content over chip-tuney sounding synths, and hard-hitting pulses in the choruses. His most recent release, “Stay,” rises and falls texturally with such ease, while building with anticipation the entire time. The three songs all have those signatures of electro-pop, and are produced and written so tightly. They all have many thousands of plays and counting.

Production is key to Von Sell’s music. “I write via recording,” and Von Sell is so meticulous with his process that it is hard for him to ever feel done with a song.

“Finishing is letting go. Finishing a song is like, ‘okay this is as far as im going to get right now without going nuts, without going crazy, without losing myself, and without going so far down the rabbit whole that there’s no coming back.’”

However, Von Sell feels that as soon as he shares the song and the audience comes into play, his work is as done as possible. “At the end of the day, as much as I’m making music for myself, it’s not just for me.” Von Sell produces and writes his own music, working closely with friend and producer Nick Stumpf (Caveman).

Von Sell’s next steps are to release his EP at the end of September, move on to writing new music, and focus on gigging. He’s very new to playing shows, and it doesn’t come as second nature to him yet. However, his residency at Pianos is the perfect opportunity to work on this.

“It doesn’t get better than to be able to play a residency. We can just hone in on our live show, and think about things we don’t usually get the opportunity to think about. Whether it’s full or not, the crowd is always cool, they always come up to me afterwards and talk to me.”

Come see Von Sell on Wednesdays for the last two weeks of his residency!

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