General Inquiries

Our office hours are: 2pm – 8pm, Monday-Saturday. If you need to contact one of our staff during business hours, call 212.505.3733

General Manager – call 212.505.3733 ext 1 or email at
Accounting – email

Private Parties & Special Events

Pianos is the perfect place to host your next private party or corporate/group event!! With our multiple levels, live music room, and delectable food selection, we can offer the perfect space and atmosphere for any size group.

To inquire about rates and services, please call 212.505.3733 ext 2 or email


For all new inquiries:

Some tips for booking
1) If you are contacting us and have never played here before, please allow six (6) to eight (8) weeks for a reply.
2) No phone calls, please. Booking is done by E-MAIL ONLY.
3) Be patient.
4) No walk-ins. The Pianos Booking office is by appointment only.
5) In regards to booking headlining slots, we ask that you have played a few clubs in town before trying to set up a show at Pianos.
6) Write clear and concise emails that contain as much information as possible. We can’t help you unless you help us. It won’t do either of us any good if we book a show for you and you don’t bring anyone. Please be as honest as possible. This is not going to work if you exaggerate your draw in New York City.
7) If you are from the area, we generally book the club about six (6) to eight (8) weeks out. If you are contacting us before that time, understand that you may not get a reply until six (6) to eight (8) weeks out from the desired timeframe.
8) If you are a touring band that can headline and pack the room, please contact and please allow one (1) to two (2) weeks for a reply. If you have not heard from anyone in that time, please feel free to follow-up with another email.
9) If you’re asking us to book you a show at the club, please do not book another show in Manhattan within 2 weeks on either side of your date (before or after your show here) We adhere to this rule, because past experience tells us that you will seriously injure your draw at BOTH shows.
10) We promote all shows via our websites and social media, and you will need to do a fair amount of promo yourself including:
a. Sending us posters for the club and surrounding areas
b. Using the tools available to promote your band on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, etc.)
c. Any other fun ideas you have to promote your show
11) Bottom line: we want you to do your best to bring people out to your show.
12) If we book you a show and you cancel, don’t be surprised if it may take sometime before you are booked again.
13) We generally start bands out on days that fall early in the week. If you can show us that you can draw people early in the week, then we can look at days later in the week for your next show at the club. If you are looking to get booked for the first time, please don’t restrict yourself to just weekend dates.

To submit your band for consideration, please email Steven Matrick at

Please include the following if applicable: – website/Facebook/Bandcamp/Soundcloud etc. link – list of previous played venues in NYC – brief description of your music & instrumentation


We are very busy and get hundreds of emails a day. Wait two weeks at least before following up. If we dig your music we will be in touch right away.

Show Advancing

For bands already booked:
Please contact Steven Matrick with any questions regarding the showroom.
Bands booked upstairs can contact Nicole Dellarocca with any questions regarding the lounge.

HELP US PROMOTE YOUR UPCOMING SHOW. PLEASE SEND US at least 4 POSTERS (optimally 11“x17”) & at least 25 FLYERS (optimally 4“x6” TO HANG IN THE CLUB)

Send to:
Attn: Booking
158 Ludlow St
New York, NY 10002

We offer stereo recordings from the soundboard for $20 and multi-track Pro Tools recordings for $120.

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