Recording Options
Stereo audio recording = $20
Multi track audio = $60
Video = $10 addition to either audio option

Please bring a hard drive/computer/thumb drive with at least 10GB of room.

Drums- Pearl export
22’ bass dum
16’ floor tom
12’ rack tom
3 cymbal stands
1 hi hat stand with no clutch

Bass head- GK back line 600

Bass cab- GK 4×10

1 Orange Tiny Terror head

1 Orange CR120 head

2 Marshall 2×12 8ohm half stack cabs

Yamaha P-45 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

3 Keyboard stands

Drummers bring snare, cymbals and kick pedal.

If you choose to bring your own kit, please inform us before the show. Also, we may have to reduce your set time due to extra changeover time.

Midas Venice 320
1 110v-220v Step up transformer w/ Euro outlet

EAW 2 EP3 (mains)
2 EP1 (subs)

EAW 4 LA-212
2 SM-500

CROWN 1 macrotech 3600 VZ
2 macrotech 2400

3 Klark Teknik DN-360 EQs
2 DBX 1066 Compressor
1 Drawmer MX40 quad gate
1 TC Electronics M1 Reverb
1 TC Electronics D2 Delay

4 Sennheiser 604
3 Shure SM 81

4 Technics 1200 MK III Turntables
Neumark MDX400 CD Players
Neumark Mixers

1 Sony SB-V700 Video Switcher
1 Sanyo 2000 lumens projector
1 Sanyo 1000 lumens projector
1 Sony DVD player
VGA/HDMI input for projector
and a rather large screen on both floors


PA, Mics, D/I Boxes, Projector, Full Drum Kit with hardware (please bring cymbals and snare)
All other equipment must be brought by artists.

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